Seasons Catering Hall Tree Specialty Lighting

Since 2007, businesses such as Seasons have trusted 855 FIX LIGHT for their specialty lighting needs.

When the lights on the renowned tree at Seasons Catering Hall, located in Washington Township, NJ,  started to look dull and lifeless, the owners of Seasons called the lighting specialists at 855 FIX LIGHT to restore the beauty of their tree. Our specialty light team removed the old and dull standard Christmas lights and installed over 92,000 LED Bulbs, which is more than twice the lights used on the iconic Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree. As a result of the specialty light services provided by the 855 FIX LIGHT, the Seasons’ holiday tree is not only spectacular, but also energy efficient. Since the owners of Seasons were so impressed with the work done on their precious tree, they hired 855 FIX LIGHT for other lighting projects at their various catering halls.

To learn more about our custom specialty lighting services, as well as our parking lot light repair and maintenance services, and general electrical services, call 1-855 FIX LIGHT.

When you need a trusted lighting team in the Tri-State area that specializes in commercial lighting and repair services with a focus on high quality parts and service, call 1-855 FIX LIGHT today!

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