Morton’s Neon Light Retrofit

Since 2007, major restaurateurs such as Morton’s and Landry’s have trusted 855 FIX LIGHT for their neon sign lighting maintenance and repair needs.

The management at Morton’s called our team at 855 FIX LIGHT to find out if making changes to their outdoor sign lighting could make a difference in their energy bill. We recommended they explore doing a neon retrofit. We explained that switching from neon to LED lighting would provide significant energy savings. Additionally, the LED sign has a five year warranty that includes labor cost. After the switch to LED lighting, with the drivers inside the building for easy access, the manager at Morton’s reported their energy consumption dropped by 80 percent. Due to this success, 855 FIX LIGHT now maintains and installs lighting, as well as performs other commercial electrical work, for all Morton’s and Landry’s restaurants.

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